Gorton Green Party candidate hails ‘positive but tough’ campaign

Gorton’s Green Party candidate Laura Bannister has spoken of a ‘positive but tough’ campaign.

Early results show the Greens making strong advances nationwide with them well on their way to achieving their goal of tripling their share of the vote.

“We’ve had an amazing response on the doorstep, had thousands of good conversations. We’ve learned a lot and changed a lot of minds,” said Ms Bannister.

“It’s difficult for us to gain seats as our voting system is not supportive of voting for what you believe in.”

With both exit polls and early results suggesting the Tories will be the largest party in Westminster Ms Bannister was scathing of her political foes.

She said: “It is disappointing to see the Conservatives doing well. Their plan for the country is simply not beneficial to the majority of people.

“The Greens are the only party offering a real alternative to the austerity being forced on people by the coalition.”

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