MM local election round-up: Andy Burnham in landslide mayoral victory

Local Elections: The Results are in.

As the final counts are revealed, we break down the results of the elections across Manchester.

The results are finally in after the region went to the polls on Thursday, with Mancunians voting in elections for both the Mayor and local councils.

This wave of elections has been tumultuous in many areas of the country, with much of the nation’s attention being drawn to Hartlepool in the North-East, after it’s historic lurch from Labour to Conservative.

Manchester hasn’t seen the same kind of shift however, with Labour by and large remaining the dominant political Party in the area.

Mayoral Elections

The contest for Manchester’s Mayor has been the most high-profile campaign of the election, with the sitting Mayor, Labour’s Andy Burnham, having become a household name after his fiery clashes with the government over Tier 3 lockdown measures imposed last winter.

Following the vote count at the AJ Bell Stadium in Eccles today, it’s now been confirmed that Burnham has been re-elected Mayor with a landslide of 67%, as over 473,000 Mancunians put him as their first choice.

The vote share for Burnham has far exceeded any of the other candidates, his closest rival, the Conservative Laura Evans, winning under 20% of the vote – while all other candidates have ended up with less than 5%.

It’s been a similar story with the elections for Salford’s City Mayor, where Labour’s Paul Dennett has won a second term with 59% of the vote.

Local Elections

Labour has also maintained its control over Manchester City Council, with only two councillors not being members of the Labour Party.

The Liberal Democrats saw their Deputy Leader, Roger Kilpatrick, losing in Didsbury West, meaning they now have just one councillor in John Leech, leader of Manchester’s Lib Dems.

Cllr Leech stated on Twitter that the people of Manchester owed Kilpatrick “an outstanding debt of gratitude” and has promised to keep fighting for all who placed their trust in him.

The Green Party meanwhile have had cause to celebrate, after winning their first seat on Manchester City Council since 2008.

Green Councillor Rob Nunney won the long-standing Labour ward of Woodhouse Park in Wythenshawe with 1,355 votes; 48% of the vote.

Cllr Nunney stated ““This is a historic moment locally for the Green Party, and I’m proud to be representing the residents of Woodhouse Park. It is clear that Woodhouse Park residents are tired of the status quo and are ready for a change.”

Labour haven’t seen quite as much success further out of Manchester, with Stockport seeing the Lib Dems make gains over Labour, although they weren’t able to gain full control of the council.

The Conservatives meanwhile have remained the largest Party in Bolton, while also securing 7 councillors in Salford. Meanwhile in Oldham, Labour’s Sean Fielding has been ousted by a member of newly formed Failsworth Independent Party, which managed to secure 1,472 votes.

Overall however, the elections across Manchester have gone largely as predicted, with much the same faces now still representing the city.

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