Purrfect princess: Elsa freezes out rivals to be crowned Rescue Animal of the Year

Elsa the kitten has been crowned Queen of the critters in the RSPCA’s Rescue Animal of the Year competition.

The poll, run by the charity’s Manchester and Salford branch, gave voter’s a serious case of the cutes, showcasing the city’s most adorable rescue pets.

The leading lady pawed at the public’s heartstrings, winning by more than a whisker with 111 votes. 

RUNNER-UP: Seth who took second place was nominated for his friendly and loving disposition

Hannah Brookfield, Trustee and Volunteer at RSPCA Manchester and Salford said: “We run this competition every year for a number of reasons. Firstly, to celebrate the animals that come into our care and how they have triumphed over adversity. 

“We hope that sharing our animals stories will make people adopt rather than buy as our animals are the most needy in our area.

“Secondly, we want to recognise the dedication and hard work of the staff and volunteers who make these incredible outcomes happen.

“The competition enables our supporters to learn what we have achieved through changing the lives of animals most in need in society.

“Reflecting on the year just gone is always tinged with sadness but we try to pick out the highlights for Rescue Animal of the Year!”

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Elsa, the ‘little monkey’, was nominated by RSPCA Animal Welfare Assistant Michelle Flowers.

Michelle said: “I nominate Elsa for being wonky, wrecking all of Janis’s pot plants and precious ornaments and for the record number of failed viewings and adoptions, but we got there in the end.”

Voters fell in love with the wobbly wonder, and her adopted family took to Facebook to share their excitement.

Benjamin Crowley, singer and guitarist for Manchester band The Madding Crowd, said: “It’s been a pleasure having her, she is absolutely wonderful.

“She’s really happy, she’s just jumped up next to me now and looks very puzzled at this giant picture of herself.”

PUPPY DOG EYES: Kez experienced one of the worst cases of animal abuse the RSPCA saw in 2014

Coming in second, Seth the cat gained 88 votes for his ‘very special’ feline features.

Amongst the litter were runners up Kez the dog, whose puppy dog eyes stole the hearts of fifty Facebookers.

Gail Jones, animal lover, posted:  “My heart and vote goes to Kez, all the animals featured are beautiful and have heart-breaking stories, but this guy just stole my heart.”

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