#You’redumped: Digital dumping is the most popular break up method, says survey

If you’ve been dumped over Twitter then do not panic, you are not the first and you probably won’t be the last.

Digital dumping is on the rise, according to a recent survey from the UK’s top dating website. have revealed that 75% of people break up via. their mobile phones.

The survey has been released just before ‘Red Tuesday’ – the optimum time for break ups throughout the year – which falls just four days before Valentines Day.

Claire Page, spokeswoman for the website, said: “Last year we had a record number of new members joining the site the week before Valentine’s Day.

“This is without a doubt due to the amount of people who have been dumped before Valentine’s Day and don’t want to be alone on the 14th.”

According to Illicit Encounters, one in five people (22%) that were surveyed by the website had split with someone a week before Valentine’s Day.

The top six ways people chose to break up with their partners were by text, phone call, in person, over Facebook, by Whatsapp and over Twitter.

Psychologist, Lucy Redford, said: “For a lot of couples, the 14th February brings them closer together and makes them realise how in love they are. For others, it’s a reminder of the cracks in their relationship.

“A lot of people cannot bear to be false and celebrate something that doesn’t exist, so they break up beforehand.

“It might seem quite cruel but it’s very emotionally damaging for a person to be in a relationship that’s not giving them anything positive

“Staying when it’s not working can be a lot more toxic in the long run than going your separate ways.”

MM would love to hear your views. What’s your modus operandi for ditching a not-so-loved one?

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Image courtesy of Ed Yourdon, with thanks.

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