Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will make Britain better at party’s official election launch

Jeremy Corbyn accused the Conservative government of holding the country back as he officially launched his party’s election campaign in Manchester today.

Event City played host to the ‘Big Launch for a Fairer Britain’ as Labour launched their ‘For the many, not the few’ emblazoned battle bus.

Labour leader Corbyn was joined by his shadow cabinet on stage with joint campaign coordinator, Ian Lavery, and former Coronation Street actor, Julie Hesmondhalgh, also delivering impassioned speeches.

The Labour leader, who revealed to Buzzfeed this week that he would not step down as leader regardless of the outcome on June 8th, encouraged the packed conference room to take ‘our’ message to the voters.

“It can be transformed, it doesn’t have to be like this.

“We can transform Britain into a country so that instead of being one that is run for the rich, it is one where everyone can lead richer lives.

“There is no doubt that this country is being held back.”

Corbyn began his speech by congratulating former shadow cabinet member, Andy Burnham, on his comprehensive victory to become Greater Manchester’s Mayor last week.

He started: “Imagine how much more he could achieve if he was working with a Labour government.”

But, after a difficult polling day overall in the local elections last Thursday, Corbyn admitted the party faces an uphill struggle to take power.

“The stakes are very high. We know, from last week’s local elections, how big the challenge is.

“We have to convince the sceptical and undecided. People are alienated from politics and politicians.

“Our Westminster system is broken and our economy is rigged. Both are run with the interests of the few.”

Hesmondhalgh, who recently starred in Broadchurch, stated she had never felt as exhilarated by politics as she does with Corbyn as Labour leader.

The actor delivered a passionate speech with a similar message to the party leader: “Now is the time to get out onto the streets.

“We have got 30 days to create the opportunity for a fairer, better, more equal society and 30 days to save our NHS.”

Picture courtesy of RT UK via YouTube, with thanks.

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