Money isn’t everything: Manchester workers less cash-motivated and more job loyal than Londoners, study says

By Matt Scrafton

Satisfied Manchester workers are said to be more loyal and less money-motivated than their London counterparts.

A recent survey by recruitment consultancy Robert Walters showed that 35% of Manchester-based employees consider remuneration and benefits ‘very important’ compared to 46% of London workers.

Manchester workers are supposedly more motivated by an interesting job, with 57% of those questioned rating this ‘very important’ to their job satisfaction – compared to 50% of Londoners.

Chris Poole, Director of Robert Walters’ Manchester Office, said: “It’s clear from our survey professionals working in Manchester are less motivated by compensation than those in London.”

The Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey also revealed that people in Manchester have more spare time outside of their jobs.

Manchester employees work an average of 43.1 hours per week, compared to 44.8 in London.

Mr Poole added: “While the overall benefits package is obviously important to a certain extent, most are more concerned by an interesting and rewarding job.

“This is further endorsed by the fact they prefer to stay with employers longer, primarily because they like to build a career with a business and make a valuable long-term contribution over a sustained period of time.”

Manchester workers are also more loyal to their employers, with 60% saying they think they should stay with a company for at least three years – compared to 55% of London staff.

The survey also found that Manchester workers are more loyal to their employers, with the majority of respondents saying they think they should stay with a company for at least three years.

MM took to the streets of Manchester and found that 63.63% of those asked thought job satisfaction was more important.

But Callum Whitehead, a 31-year-old businessman from Prestwich, disagreed with this verdict.

He said: “I’d say money is more important. In a perfect world you’d have both, but you have to be realistic.”

Martin Booth, 33, an administrator from Reddish, said: “I work 9-5, Monday to Friday, and while it’s not the greatest job in the world, the money’s alright so I can’t complain.”

But Jennifer Alexander, a 25-year-old barmaid from Withington, thought job satisfaction was the most important factor.

She said: “If you’re not happy in your job then what’s the point? I’ve had my job for 5 or 6 years now and I love it.”

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