Named and shamed: HSS Hire Service Manchester blame ‘admin error’ for minimum wage failures

A Manchester-based tool hire company who were named and shamed over minimum wage failures claim they are ‘outraged’ at the claims – blaming the discrepancy on an admin error.

HSS Hire Service Group in Manchester were revealed with another company as part of a government initiative launched in October to name and shame companies who break minimum wage law.

The companies were investigated by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) after members of staff called a free helpline to report they were being underpaid.

HSS Hire failed to pay £149.00 to 15 workers while Dove Mill Retail Outlet in Bolton failed to pay £461.84 to a worker.

However HSS responded to the claims via facebook today, citing an ‘admin error’ for the mistake.

They wrote: “Outraged by ludicrous minimum wage accusations today.

“OF COURSE we value, respect and adhere to this fundamental workplace right. This was an unfortunate admin error quickly corrected NOT a contravention of minimum wage – we pay fairly and legally and invest in our people.”

The post has since been ‘liked’ and shared on the social media website more than 60 times.

Reaction to HSS’s Facebook post was mixed. While some commenters were quick to air further grievances with the company, some backed HSS as a company that ‘values’ their employees.

Ian Caine wrote: “[I] am paid well, respected and feel valued, would sooner work for HSS than some other firms!”

James Kirk, from Bacup, wrote: “I have been at HSS for three years and Colin Newton is the best boss I have ever had, HSS are a company who value their employees! HSS are a good company committed to securing future development!”

Nicola Davey Morgan explained that her husband has worked for HSS for more than 20 years. She claimed that their investment in him has ‘kept her in shoes’.

John Hammond said:  “I for one am just glad to have a job, my wages keep roof over my head, there will be companies out there that will be like that, but HSS Sire pay me well for what I do, it’s better than the job centre, story blew out of proportion as per usual”

Meanwhile John Barclay was less forgiving.

“I can see a few directors not wanting to do buisness with companies who underpay,” he wrote. 

Image courtesy of Google Maps, with thanks.

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