WATCH: Demonstrators take to Salford’s Media City in support of Palestine

Protesters gathered in Salford’s Media city this weekend to demonstrate their support for Palestine.

They marched through Media City to demand that the BBC and other media organisations report more accurately the plight of the Palestinians. 

The protest began near the Lowry Shopping Centre and continued around Salford Quays and finished outside the BBC’s regional headquarters. 

Protesters chanted in support of Palestine, raised flags and set off flares matching the colours of the Palestinian flags.  

Protests in support of Palestine have been taking place across Manchester and the UK following rekindled unrest in the region. 

Tension between Israel and Palestine was reignited in recent months partly due to the threatened eviction of Palestinians residents in East Jerusalem. 

After eleven days of fighting throughout the month a ceasefire was agreed on the 21st May 2021.

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