Hunt for ‘scumbag’ Middleton vandals who damaged 150 vehicles in tyre-slashing spree

Police are continuing their hunt for car vandals who slashed the tyres of up to 150 cars in Middleton on Monday morning.

Residents on numerous streets in and around the area awoke to find their vehicles had been vandalised, as more than 25 cars were targeted on Grey Street alone.

Other streets affected include the High Street, King Street and Cheapside.

Police are asking anyone who lives in the Middleton area to come forward with any information they may have that will help them catch the culprits.

Detective Constable Jason Ruff from Rochdale division, said: “There is no other way to describe these acts other than total and utter wanton vandalism.

“This is criminal damage on a significant scale and it is not acceptable.”

Officers are using CCTV as their main line of enquiry at the moment, and they are also attempting to retrace the steps the culprit took in their vandalism spree.

A resident said: “Crime has always been an issue in the Middleton area and this crime in particular does not surprise me.

“I am deeply saddened that the victims of this heartless attack may likely be vulnerable members of our community.”

The 21-year-old male has noticed the effect it has had on the use of public services.

He said: “The bus service through Middleton has definitely been busier this week. These scumbags need to be found.”

This ironically coincides with the GMP Rochdale East’s Personal Safety Week, in which they have been Tweeting driving and cycling advice to local residents.

Constable Ruff said: “We are taking this matter extremely seriously and we will do everything we can, with the public’s help, to identify those responsible for this senseless acts of vandalism.”

Anyone with information should call police on 0161 856 8701 or independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Image courtesy of Google Maps, with thanks

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