Manchester Town Hall

Manchester Greens calls for immediate general election amid the Tories’ rollback of climate policies

The Green Party passed an amendment to Manchester Labour’s motion on Wednesday, calling for an immediate general election in light of the recent action by the Tories to reverse climate policies.

Green councillors supported the amendment, highlighting their key priorities for the future: better public transport, safer, energy-efficient housing, and a comprehensive plan for green jobs and skills.

Cllr Astrid Johnson, leader of the Green Party on Manchester City Council, said: “We know that the climate and nature crisis affects all, but particularly children and especially those from poor and low-income families.

“The Government’s net-zero rollback is economic and environmental vandalism, and unforgivable.”

Greens demonstrated their vision by passing a motion to expand selective licensing in Manchester, which aims to improve renters’ conditions by mandating licenses for privately rented properties in certain areas.

This adds to the 13 existing licensing schemes and mandatory licensing for houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) that the council already has.

By passing the motion, the council has pledged to collaborate with Mayor Andy Burnham to broaden Manchester’s selective licensing for private rentals. Greens called on Labour to commit to licensing over 20% of these properties.

Cllr Ekua Bayunu, deputy leader of the Greens and the proposer of the motion, said: “We can no longer afford to let housing be a profit-making business for the few. Ratepayers’ money is lining the pockets of rogue landlords with a very poor service in return.”

While Cllr Anastasia Wiest, Green councillor in Woodhouse Park and seconder of the motion said: “This could play an important role in helping to increase the energy efficiency of our housing stock, which is absolutely necessary if we are serious about meeting our goal of making Manchester net-zero by 2038.”

Greens also presented a motion opposing the Tory government’s plan to close staffed ticket offices, at Wednesday’s council meeting.

However, they left the meeting disappointed due to Labour’s ineffective amendment of the motion.

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