IN PICS: Thrill of traditional British wrestling ‘brought back to life’ at Victoria Baths

The thrill of traditional British wrestling was ‘brought back to life’ at a landmark Manchester event at the weekend.

Victoria Baths in Longsight played host to a family fun event on Saturday March 7, where the gent’s swimming pool of the listed building was transformed into a wrestling ring.

The event was the idea of New Wave Wrestling Alliance (NWWA) co-managers Lauren Soar and her wrestler boyfriend Daniel Woodward, who is known as ‘Delicious Danny Hope’.

PICTURE PERFECT: The Victoria Baths provided a unique backdrop

WATCH YOUR HEAD: Some enthralling battles took place 

RINGSIDE VIEW: Lots of people got up close to the action

With the incredible reactions of the crowd and amazing battles in the ring, the night was living proof that old-school British wrestling is still alive.

The Delicious One said: “We are bringing back the early 90s and late 80s aspect and colourful wrestling characters back to life.

“British wrestling is not at its peak at the minute, but there are a lot of companies in the country doing a lot of great stuff.

“Not necessarily in the public eye so to speak, that’s why it would be nice to try and attract all the wrestling fans to wrestling again and create a wider audience.”

The event kicked off with ‘Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero facing Liverpool’s No.1 Zack Gibson, who was no match for the South American brawler.

MEXICAN SENSATION: El Ligera added some latino spice 

SCOUSE POWER: Liverpool wrestler Zack Gibson in the zone

Event organiser ‘Delicious Danny’ then took to the ring to take on James Drake as the second show of the night, picking up the win after connecting with a super model kick.

After the event, organisers and wrestlers were mesmerised by the crowds reaction.

Manchester-born Lauren, who works in PR and marketing, said: “The event shattered our expectations as the feedback has been astounding.

“I chatted with a number of people on the night who brought their family, and wrestling was entirely new to them.

FAMILY FUN: Kids also enjoyed a bouncy castle and face-painting

SHOP ‘TIL YOU DROP: A range of masks were on offer to purchase

“They loved it and had a great day with the fun day combined, and will be returning, which is exactly what we’re aiming to do – get British wrestling back onto the popularity level it once was.”

The spectacular night ended after Joey Hayes buried ‘The Showstealer’ Nathan Cruz into the ring of the historic baths.

FACE IN THE HOLE: Families enjoyed the historic setting

Lauren revealed that three further wrestlking events were scheduled for later this year, with the next being held on the June 27.

“We’ll continue to grow and build on each show, with a plan to keep doing the same next year,” she said. 

ANTICIPATION: Hords of people queued for the event

“We have been approached already about duplicating the event at other locations and venues which is a fantastic accolade and a credit to all the hard work put into the first show.

“Literally, doors are opening left right and centre for us. So you never know, we could grow a lot quicker than we expected to.

“We have a huge announcement coming for the next show in the next week or so, which will be announced on our Facebook page.”

You can purchase tickets for NWWA’s second event ‘Draw The Line’ by clicking here.

Photography by Richard Travis.

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