Terrified dad gets stuck up 150ft tree in Heywood leaving son crying in fear below

By Danielle Wainwright

A father daringly climbed onto a 150ft tree from a bridge in Heywood and got stuck – leaving him hanging on for dear life.

The terrified 28-year-old dad of a young son became trapped when he climbed into the tree from a parapet of the bridge off Queens Park Road and a branch beneath him snapped

Firefighters from Heywood Fire Station arrived at the scene at 7pm on Saturday to find the man clinging to the tree with his tearful son and five friends waiting on the ground.

The man was rescued using a harness and rescue line to lower him onto a ladder from the parapet.

Watch Manager Barry Malone said: “The branch the man climbed on to snapped and he became stuck on another branch below and couldn’t get back up again.

“He was too scared to climb all the way down and when we arrived he was literally hanging on to the tree for his life.

“Firefighter Steve McNiffe was then rigged in rope harness equipment, lowered over the parapet and on to a short extension ladder, which was strategically placed from the parapet and onto a strong branch just below the man’s feet.

“The man was rescued up the ladder while firmly attached by line with him suffering no more than injured pride.”

STUCK: The offending Heywood tree where man became trapped

Councillor David Acton, Chairman of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority said it was the quick actions of the firefighters which saved the man from suffering real damage.

“Please let this act as a reminder that it’s essential to take care while out enjoying the good weather: something that may seem harmless or a bit of a laugh can end up with serious consequences.”

Advice on staying safe during the summer is available at

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