Manchester artist Kelzo praises Vimto’s ‘strong local links’ for inspiring Piccadilly Gardens masterpiece

Manchester street artist Kelzo has praised Vimto’s ‘strong local links’ for inspiring his latest masterpiece.

Last week, Piccadilly Gardens was the place to be with pumping live music, free jelly beans for all and the chance to see a world-renowned artist at work.

Graffiti extraordinaire Kelzo drew the attention of thousands who came to witness the creation of his unique rendition of the Vimtoad – Vimto’s beloved mascot – pictured holding a bag of the brand’s new Vimto Jelly Beans.

Serving as a soundtrack for the birth of the masterpiece were tunes mixed live by DJ Vince Vega, who often plays alongside legendary Manchester band The Happy Mondays.

Speaking of his loyalty to his home city, Kelzo said: “There is a lot of affection for the Vimto brand in the North West, as it is the birthplace and home of Vimto, and this is why I was so keen to work on this project.

“It’s been really nice to support a company which has strong local links, like I do.

“I really enjoyed creating my interpretation of the Vimtoad in his mixed up world and sharing my work with the public. And I have to say, I’m not usually into my sweets, but the jelly beans really are very tasty!”

Kelzo first sprung to fame when he gave the streets of Hulme a new lease of life and transformed them into one of the biggest outdoor graffiti galleries in Europe.

Twenty years on, Kelzo’s artwork is recognised across the globe and he regularly works on set designs for the BBC.

The vegan-friendly jelly beans, the driving force behind this live art stunt, can be purchased now in individual and sharing portion sizes.

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