Audenshaw fraudster scams £13,000 in falsely claimed benefits – woman ordered to repay every penny

By Alex Carey

An Audenshaw benefit cheat who illegally claimed £13,765.88 over three years has been ordered to repay every penny.

Lorna Mae Scott failed to tell Tameside Council that she had moved from her Chapel Street home in Audenshaw breaching the Social Security Act 1992.

Scott pleaded guilty at Tameside Magistrates’ Court, Ashton, on October 2 to wrongly receiving thousands of pounds in benefits from October 29 2007 to April 17 2011 and was given a 12-month conditional discharge.

She is now expected to repay the entire sum she illegally claimed as well as £250 in costs, if she fails to do so Tameside Council will take action to recover the money.

Cllr Jim Fitzpatrick, Tameside Council’s first deputy (revenue and finance) explained that fraudsters in the area will not be tolerated.

He said: “Although fraud cases such as this one are rare, and we will always explore every avenue possible, we will not hesitate to take people to court if that is what is required.”

Anyone wishing to report someone they suspect of committing benefit fraud can do so on the National Fraud Hotline number which is 0800 328 6340, or visit to report online.

Image courtesy of Scott via Flickr, with thanks.

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