Artist of the people: LS Lowry’s work heads to China in first exhibition outside UK

Paintings from Manchester and Salford artist LS Lowry are being exhibited outside of the UK for the first time.

The exhibition is to be staged at a The Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts in China and has been organised by the Crane Kalman gallery in London.

The paintings, which include Man Lying on a Wall, 1957, are to form part of LS Lowry: Artist of the People from November 14 – December 16 2014.

Claire Stewart, curator of The Lowry Collection, said: “Lowry is an artist who is developing an international appeal.

“His industrial landscapes seem especially appropriate to be shown in a country like China, which is experiencing extraordinary industrial growth.”

Other works that are to be exhibited include House on the Moor, 1950; Seascape, 1952; Seated Male Nude, c1914 and A Street Scene (St Simon’s Church), 1928; Bandstand; Peel Park, 1928; The Rock, 1968; Flowers in a Window, 1956; and Mill Scene, 1965.

Lowry studied at the Manchester Academy of Fine Art and Salford Royal Technical College in 1905 and continued his studies into the 1920s.

Living among the factory chimneys of Pendlebury, Lowry drew inspiration from what he once detested and developed his distinctive style, painting urban landscapes with his famed matchstick men.

Station Approach, Manchester 1960, recently sold for £2.3milliom under auction at Sotheby’s having drawn hundreds of visitors to a special pre-sale in Salford.

A permanent exhibition of Lowry’s work can be viewed at The Lowry – with over 400 works, the Lowry houses the largest public collection of paintings and drawings by LS Lowry in the world.

Image courtesy of Crispin Eurich, via Smabs Sputzer, with thanks.

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