Comment: Is there more than meets the eye to COVID-19?

Coronavirus’ damage to the economy could be equally critical, but why has this virus been allowed to go viral? And how will the world change after this dastardly disease has finished its deadly domination? If we trace it back to its (disputed) source in the Huanan seafood markets in the Chinese city of Wuhan, there’s definitely something fishy going on here…

‘On the margins of society’: Why lockdown is a terrifying prospect for Britain’s most vulnerable women

In the eyes of many, the coronavirus lockdown will be characterised by a series of First World problems. MM spoke to those living off an unstable salary, which could mean unemployment, eviction and homelessness, while for those facing violence from their partner, it could mean life or death. Here Emma Morgan speak to women’s charities and campaigns across Manchester, to learn more about the potentially disastrous consequences of lockdown for the North West’s most exposed and unprotected women.