Crufts 2018: Dave ‘five bones’ in charge of Gogglebox favourites the Malones

He might not say much, but for Gogglebox favourites the Malones, Dave the dog is the one in charge.

The Rottweiler is one of four family dogs and lives in Manchester with Bob, Izzy and Lucy, as well as Frankie, a Staffordshire bull terrier cross.

Animals outnumber the family of Julie, 54, Tom Senior 52, Tom Junior 24 and Shaun, 22, loved by Gogglebox viewers for their wry observations while watching television – often alongside their barking brood.

“Dave thinks he’s the only dog in the house,” said Julie.

“He fit five bones in his mouth yesterday just so the other dogs couldn’t have them!”

The pets’ markedly ordinary monikers were a deliberate decision, to avoid people stereotyping the oft-notorious Rottie breed.

“They’re big dogs, so we gave them people names,” explained Tom Junior.

“It’s hard to be scared of a dog called Dave.

“If you’re shouting his name in the park, people see him and realise he’s just a big, dopey dog.”

“The teachers at school used to ask us, ‘When’s your kid Dave coming to school?’” added Tom Senior.

The Malones visited the world’s largest dog show Crufts in Birmingham on Sunday, albeit without their canine clan.

It was a rather unorthodox way to spend Mother’s Day, but Julie admitted she was keen to get some shopping done – it’s difficult to get coats that fit her five enormous dogs, apparently.

Shaun marked the occasion by ‘making her a brew’, while Tom Junior said he would treat his mum after the show.

“It’s Mother’s Day, so we’ll go out for some food afterwards and I’ll pay,” he said.

“For Mum’s dinner, anyway. Dad will have to wait until Father’s Day!”

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