App creator vows to get NHS and care workers PPE they need

The creator of the My Food Bank Finder App is now putting his talents to work in the form of using his expertise to bridge the gap between key workers and suppliers with the crisis currently facing the NHS in terms of a lack of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)- free of charge.

According to a report conducted by the BBC, Supplies of PPE in London and Yorkshire are now at “dangerously low levels”, according to the British Medical Association.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, BMA council chairman, said doctors were being forced into a corner and faced “heartbreaking decisions” over whether to carry on without proper protection.

A doctor who warned the Prime Minister about a lack of PPE for NHS workers died after contracting coronavirus. Further to this, Consultant urologist Abdul Mabud Chowdhury, 53, died at Queen’s Hospital in Romford, east London, on Wednesday.

In an interview with MM, app creator Dominic Lipscombe has now vowed to take the Government’s failure to protect key workers into his own hands and is launching a service of his own to in order to ensure NHS workers can access vital PPE, acting essentially as an agent for free. 

“Our main supplier is supplying PPE to the Spanish, Italian, German Government as well as procurement via agencies to many other countries such as Israel and South Africa,” he explains.

“The supplier is a huge Chinese company but they have a UK base for the UK& EU orders which is who we’re dealing with.

“We’ve had interest from hospitals, wards, groups of doctors & nurses around the country. Care homes, Individual carers and so on.”

Lispcombe’s team have set guidelines in order to ensure those requiring further equipment get it first.

Currently they are blocking those who do not work for any of the vital services from getting supplies in order to make sure it all goes to the people most in need.

They have also outlined that if people aren’t emailing from a work email, they will want to see their work ID. 

For people who are ordering ‘smaller’ batches, they are looking to pool a number of orders together.

They will be strictly acting as the agent on behalf of the purchaser, effectively as a go-between agent.

For larger orders from those who are verified, they will also be happy to provide the person’s details directly to the suppliers. 

For more information please contact: [email protected] 

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