Weird world: Desperate dater swaps barcodes to steal lobsters and crabs on self-service, claim police

By Matt Simpson

How far would you go to impress a date? Well one man hoping to strike lucky allegedly stole lobsters and crab legs from a supermarket in America.

No doubt wanting to impress with his culinary skills, Abdul Gonzalez, ordered the seafood treats from a Stop & Shop in Middletown, Connecticut.

According to police, the 38-year-old picked up these luxury items before heading to the self-service checkout with some additional bits and pieces – where he allegedly switched the bar codes so the items would appear cheaper.

When he scanned the bag of lobsters and snow crab legs, they appeared as ‘yesterday’s sweets’ costing a grand total of $1.25, rather than their true price of $22.88.

Gonzalez, who had only paid $5.08 for his shopping, admitted to the police after they caught up with him he had a date and was trying to make an impression on the woman.

Police claim the idea came from a friend who suggested he use the barcodes on cheap items for more expensive ones the head to the self-service tills.

Accused of stealing $44.87, Gonzalez was issued a misdemeanour summons for sixth-degree larceny and is due in court on June 19.

Picture courtesy of The Vault DFW, with thanks.

Story originally reported by NBC Conneticut.

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