Cruel bully tells wife to lie still ‘like wood’ as he kicks her in brutal Moss Side beating when she ran out of flour

By Dave Toomer

A Moss Side husband who launched a vicious attack on his wife in front of their young daughter after exploding with rage when they ran out of flour was jailed today yet his wife still wants him back.

Farid Faial, 29, was jailed for 18 months at Manchester Crown Court for the attack on his wife Zazira at their home in Moss Side in June last year.

Faial pleaded guilty to assault after he flew into a rage when his wife had offered to cook some food for him but said they had run out of flour.

She went into the kitchen where their daughter was and he dragged her away from a window into the hall where no-one could see them and beat her to the floor.

When she started crying out, Faial told her to keep quiet and to ‘be like a piece of wood’ while she curled into a ball as he kicked her.

Recorder Sally Hatfield QC, who could see no evidence from pre-sentence reports that Faial accepted his violent attack was wrong, told Faial: “This was a horrible incident. It was a sustained and repeated assault. Your daughter must have watched all this and it must have been terrifying for her.

“I have great doubt as to whether you have woken up to the problems of violence.”

After the initial attack, Zazira started using a laptop computer to talk to her family in Afghanistan.

Faial snatched the laptop off her saying he didn’t like her contacting her family and dragged her out of bed where she fled to the bathroom trying to lock herself in.

Faial broke in, grabbed his wife and beat her with an extension lead more than ten times causing severe bruising.

The next day Faial was drunk and smashed a picture of her family and his wife fled terrified from the house and asked for help from a neighbour who contacted the police.

Yet the court was told Zazira, who came to the UK with Faial from Afghanistan in 2009, had forgiven her husband and wanted him back.

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