Gaza appeal: Lord Mayor’s plea for Mancunians to find their ‘humanity’ and donate as fighting resumes

Manchester’s Lord Mayor is urging people to donate funds to help in the Gaza crisis as fighting resumed this weekend in the region.

Sue Cooley, Lord Mayor of Manchester Councillor, is supporting the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal to get food, water, shelter and medical care to the area.

The appeal involves 13 charities and agencies who are all helping to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Ms Cooley said: “I know that like me many Mancunians will have been deeply moved by the horrific scenes from this conflict which we have all seen on the news and social media. 

“It has been heartbreaking to see the impact on innocent children and young people.

“This is about humanity and being unable to watch scenes of suffering like this without doing something to help. 

“As Lord Mayor I have experienced at first hand the great generosity of Manchester people and I know that most will want to contribute in some way so I am asking them to give immediately to the DEC who will get aid quickly to the residents of Gaza.” 

The DEC is an umbrella organisation which includes charities such as the Red Cross and Oxfam.

The organisation launched an appeal on Friday to help 200,000 people displaced by the conflict as the humanitarian relief has reached ‘crisis point’ due to the escalation of violence.

All 1.8million people in the area are without access to medical care and 1.4million have no or very limited access to water.

A separate Manchester Medical Appeal will be put into action next week to raise more funds for medical supplies and equipment for hospitals in Gaza.

The City Council will work with Doctors Without Borders, a humanitarian-aid non-governmental organization to help send support to hospitals in the area.

City centre spokesman Cllr Pat Karney said: “We applaud the Lord Mayor’s appeal to the Manchester public.

“I have already made a contribution to the appeal and I know the Lord Mayor has too.”

If safe to do so, the Lord Mayor is hoping to visit Gaza to see the difference the funds raised through the Manchester Medical Appeal will make.

To donate to the DEC see

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