Check it, don’t regret it: Manchester car buyers given lifeline to avoid dodgy second-hand dealers

By Tom Belger

Sick of walking to lectures in the rain? Desperate to buy a new motor? Only have a couple of hundred quid to spare?

A new campaign is hoping to stop Manchester students being duped by dodgy second-hand cars dealers by offering handy advice. have released safety information to coincide with Wigan Council’s campaign to avoid residents being caught out by second-hand car con artists.

The campaign ‘Check it – don’t regret it’ was launched last week with Wigan Council Trading Standards and the Citizens Advice Bureau behind the month-long scheme.

Julie Middlehurst, Wigan Council Trading Standards and Licensing Manager, has revealed that most of their complaints are about second hand cars.

“We receive more complaints about second hand cars than any other type of product,” Mrs Middlehurst said.

“However, most second hand car dealers in Wigan are responsible and we work closely with them to ensure they give their customers a fair deal.”

Nationally, the helpline receives around 6,000 complaints each month, with faults being among the most common problems.

As part of this campaign, Wigan Council Trading Standards will be visiting second hand car dealers across the borough to ensure they are complying with the law and give them guidance on how best to avoid complaints.

Kath Kidston, Wigan Borough Citizens Advice Operations Manager, knows buying a used car is difficult so she hopes the advice from the ‘Check it – don’t regret it’ campaign will be able to help residents.

“Buying a second hand car can be bit of a bumpy road,” Mrs Kidston stated.

“Whether you have £500 or £5,000 to spend, it can be difficult to make sure the car you end up buying is in the condition as described by the dealer.

“Not only can drivers find themselves out of pocket or with a string of unexpected expenses, the car could be roadworthy or unsafe. 

“But there are some simple steps drivers can take to make sure what they are buying is safe, legal and what it seems.”

Wigan Council has also made free advice booklets available which can be found at the Wigan Life Centre.

Image courtesy of piwojasne via Flickr, with thanks.

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