Watch: Rishi’s getting it done! Budget 2020 recap

Chancellor Rishi Sunak launched Britain’s biggest spending spree in 65 years – while repeating the phrase ‘get it done’ what seemed like 65 times – as he spoke for just over 65 minutes in a far-reaching budget on Wednesday.

Sunak, only in the post for four weeks after the resignation of Sajid Javid, immediately addressed the coronavirus crisis for 20 minutes before he laid out further plans to tackle the environmental issues and tedious transport delays, among other things.

Here MM reporters Ben Parsons and Rick Baker take you through the budget from a health and infrastructure point of view…


As expected, the Coronavirus outbreak took precedent in Rishi Sunak’s first Budget speech. Over 500 people in the UK have tested positive for COVID-19 and Sunak has pledged a huge economic response to the virus.

Small and medium sized businesses will be helped while demand inevitably falls, and the NHS will receive all it needs to combat what has now been confirmed as a pandemic.


Chancellor Sunak promised significant amounts for infrastructure projects on Wednesday, £600 billion over five years to be exact. 

The Treasury tells us this is the highest levels of investment in real terms since 1955. 

Along with injections for road and rail, Research and Development will receive a huge financial boost in areas like space travel and nuclear fusion. 

Sunak also granted millions to infrastructure projects in the North and rest of the UK, like Northern Powerhouse and promised “spades in the ground” on work for the long-mulled HS2. 


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