Close, but no cigar: Fraudster steals £50K from Manchester employers then tries to con judge with fake doctor’s note

A Manchester fraudster who stole almost £50,000 from his employer by making false expenses tried another last ditch attempt to con a judge into delaying his sentencing…with a fake doctor’s note.

Wade Jordan, 30, of no fixed address, worked in a HR role in an international firm in Manchester, where he falsely claimed to have accredited qualifications in Human Resource Management from Manchester Metropolitan University. 

Within three years working for the company he had submitted fraudulent expense claims for training courses that he did not attend, totalling £39,263.85.

Wade also submitted fraudulent expenses for travelling and accommodation costs totalling £4,970.66.

PC Ryan Mackenzie from the Volume Fraud Team, said: “Wade Jordan is every employers worst nightmare.

Not only did he lie to his employers he stole, over a prolonged period of time, a significant amount of cash.”

Jordan prolonged his sentencing by presenting the presiding judge with a sick note purporting to be from Blackfriars Medical Practice stating that wade was struggling with mental ill-health problems.

The doctor’s note stated that an adjournment of four to six weeks would be required though officers later established the doctor’s note had been tampered with.

Jordan had been issued with a genuine doctor’s note but the contents had been altered and the request for a delay in proceedings was not made by his GP. 

PC Mackenzie added: “There are many people who would welcome the kind of job opportunity handed to Wade yet he showed nothing but contempt for his employers, throwing the opportunity handed to him back in their faces.” 

Jordan was sentenced to three years imprisonment after admitting four counts of fraud and perverting the course of justice at Manchester Crown Court.

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