Sick stalker gets life for using BIBLE to justify ‘hunting’ and raping Wigan women in twisted ten-year ordeal

A ‘vile’ Wigan rapist who raped and battered two woman over a decade and used the bible as a way to justify his twisted actions has been jailed for 25 years.

Kevin Gibbons, 50, of Rivington Avenue, Standish, was found guilty of 11 indictments including stalking, rape, false imprisonment, sexual assault and child cruelty following a trial.

Gibbons subjected his two victims to a ten-year reign of terror, subjecting them to physical, verbal and sexual abuse, harassment and stalking to the point where both felt ‘hunted’ and prisoners in their own home.

The victims told officers how he would recite quotes from The Old Testament to justify his ‘ownership’ and abuse of the two women.

Detective Constable Sheena Maerevoet, said: “The facts of this appalling case speak for themselves.

“Gibbons is one of the most vile, controlling, abusive and cowardly men I have ever encountered during all my years in policing and I have no hesitation in saying that he deserves every second of his lengthy prison sentence.

“At the heart of this investigation are two innocent women who were subjected to years of horrific sexual and physical abuse.”

Gibbons would repeatedly drive past one of the victim’s home and park outside. He would intimidate her at work and bombard her with unwanted photos, cards, letters and messages.

She constantly had her curtains drawn, and the ordeal left her in total fear of living her own life.

One time he locked her in her bedroom and refused to let her leave unless she had sex with him.

The second victim also suffered immense cruelty and abuse at his hands, even when she was heavily pregnant.

During this time Gibbon’s repeatedly raped and sexually abused her, including one particularly harrowing ordeal just hours after she had given birth.

He also raped and sexually abused her in the days following the birth.

“These women felt unable to cope, prisoners in their own home, hunted and haunted by Gibbons to the point they felt like they could not even go to the shops. In some instances, both felt like dying,” Det Const Maerevoet said.

“That is an utterly heartbreaking and tragic indictment of just how abusive Gibbons was.

“Not only that, but he showed zero remorse and failed to take responsibility, subjecting these women to the terrifying ordeal of having to relive what happened in the adversarial environment at court.

“Their bravery cannot be overstated. Despite everything they have suffered, they showed true courage to give evidence at court and thanks to their tenacity and refusal to allow Gibbons to get away with it, an extremely dangerous man is now behind bars.”

When Gibbons’ car and home were searched, officers found a collection of knives and even a bow and arrow he kept in his car while he stalked his victims.

During his sentencing report, the judge described Gibbons as ‘manipulative, controlling and possessive’.

“The harm you have caused has been immense and long-standing,” the judge said.

“You are and remain a significant risk of causing women serious sexual and psychological harm. You are and remain a dangerous person.”

Det Const Maerevoet added: “Being stalked can not only affect your personal life, having to change house or prevent you from socialising, but can also have a massive effect on your work life.

“We are acutely aware that the experience of being stalked can destroy the lives of victims and tragically, in some cases like this, lead to physical and sexual violence. Stalking can even lead to murder.

“I want victims to be assured that all reports of stalking and harassment are received with the utmost seriousness.”

Image courtesy of Bill Bradford, with thanks.

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