Hundreds attend Manchester vigil for victims of Hamas attacks in Israel

Crowds gathered in St Peter’s Square last night to attend a vigil held in solidarity with Israel during the ongoing conflict.

The vigil was held by the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and the Jewish Leadership Council.

Many politicians were in attendance, including Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham.

He said: “These events are on a different scale all together. That is why we unite this evening in condemning, without reservation, these horrendous acts of terror.”

Labour councillor for Bury South Michael Rubinstein said: “It’s quite inspiring, the support from the various communities, politicians and the people of Manchester.”

Three people were arrested last night on ‘suspicion of breach of the peace’ according to Greater Manchester Police. 

One attendee said: “No matter what any Israeli government has done – not this one, not previous ones – you cannot justify what has happened and any attempt to do so I find personally offensive.”

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