General Election 2019: Labour take early seat count lead as Tories land Blyth Valley blow

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Central are the first constituency to declare at the 2019 General Election.

Chi Onwurah of the Labour Party gained 58% of the vote share in her constituency however this is a reduction of 7.3% from her victory in 2017.

The result was declared at 23:26 with a turnout of 65% of the electorate voting in the election.

For a time it looked as though Blyth Valley would announce their result first but due to a recount they finished third behind Sunderland South.

Blyth Valley did however become the first seat to change hands at this election as a 10% swing in favour of the Conservatives saw Ian Levy become the first Tory MP in that seat since it was created in 1950.

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