Harpurhey bingo hall shooting: ‘Demon’ son brags about ‘blasting’ enemies before being gunned down with mum

By Jon Harris

A Manchester son nicknamed ‘The Demon’ was facing a police quiz today after he and his mother were gunned down by two hitmen as he was picking her up from bingo.

Scott Calder, 22, and his 56-year old mum Marie were caught in a hail of bullets in Harpurhey after being ambushed by the gunmen as she got into his Audi car outside Gala Bingo hall.

Police were called in after the mother and son staggered into hospital with gunshot wounds to the arms. Miraculously neither mother nor son were seriously injured.

It is thought Calder was the intended target of the shooting and his mother was caught in the crossfire. Detectives are believed to be investigating reports of a dispute between Calder and members of another family.

Just minutes before the shooting Calder posted a message on his Facebook page saying: ”Stab me in the back, I’ll blast ur spine.”

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Another posted on January 5 said: ”In this game there’s only one don” and on January 9 he wrote: ”Even if I died young who cares.”

Today the injured man – who calls himself ‘The Demon’ on the social media site – posted a series of messages about the shooting. The first read: ”In hospital bin shot.”

He sent another message later that said: ”Bin woke up for operation to get da bullet out ma hand. Goin for ma operation, nuff love to everyone.”

His sister Jessica also left a message: ”My mum’s a soldier so is my brother. Hope my mums ok i love u loads x x x x strongest women in the worldx.”

The shooting occurred at 7.50pm on Sunday after Marie finished playing bingo at the Gala Bingo Hall at the North City shopping centre in Harpurhey.

She arranged for Calder to pick her up and he arrived in his Audi shortly afterwards and she got into the passenger seat as he pulled up in the car park. But as she did so, a black car suddenly pulled up behind them blocking them in.

The two hitmen then got out of their car and fired a number of shots were fired at the Audi, one hitting the son and the other hitting his mother.

Calder managed to barge his way out of the car park and drove off before abandoning his car a mile away in Woodville Terrace. The injured pair managed to walk to hospital and are now being treated.

Marie suffered an injury to her elbow while the man had been shot in the wrist. Neither have life-threatening injuries. Police were due to speak to both victims.

The scene of the shooting, at the rear of Asda in front of Harpurhey Market was cordoned off by police tape and several officers were seen patrolling the area. Seven cars remain in the cordoned-off car park.

One local said: ”It is shocking and terrifying to think this happened outside a bingo hall. Scott is very well known in the locality and it’s terrible to think his mum has been shot after being unwittingly caught up in some kind of dispute.”

Det Supt Alex Millet of Greater Manchester Police said: “This appears to be a targeted incident which could have had even more dire consequences. Thankfully it doesn’t look like either are too seriously injured, but we’ll know more later.

“We believe the black car was driven by two white men and it’s from that car that the shots were fired. I want to reassure people that we have had armed response officers to the scene and are now investigating.”

Wellwishers went onto Calder’s Facebook page to pass on goodwill messages. Chantelle Livesey said: ”Hope everything ok scott and your poor mum x.” Levi Mcdade said: ”Hope everything is okay and Same to your mum x.”

Marina Schofield Ahmed said: ”U will be ok your a soldier xxxx love u.”

Story via Cavendish Press.

Image courtesy of KTS.TV via Youtube, with thanks.

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