School girl’s Manchester-inspired design wrapped around double-decker bus after winning competition

An eight-year-old school girl has been crowned the winner of a competition asking children to create designs for a Manchester bus.

Audrey Watts, who attends Cavendish Community Primary School in West Didsbury, has had her illustration displayed around a two-decker Stagecoach bus after winning the Kids Wrapped Bus competition launched by advertising business, Exterion Media.

More than 80 youngsters submitted their designs which were aimed at showing what they loved about Manchester.

Jason Cotterrell, group development director at Exterion Media, said: “Audrey’s vision of Manchester will now be on tour around the city, contributing to the community spirit that Mancunians value so highly and enhancing the urban environment.”

CREATIVE: The colourful design had a number of influences

Audrey’s winning creation features the LGBT pride flag, the Manchester City FC emblem and the National Football Museum, as well as other landmarks, such as the Lowry Bridge and the City Library.

The Stagecoach bus will be live on the streets of Manchester for a minimum of four weeks.

Mr Cotterrell added: “Manchester is a thriving city and a business hub rich with culture.

“At Exterion Media, we are proud to be investing in Manchester and delighted to use our iconic wrapped bus advertising as a way to celebrate the city and its people.”

COMPETITION: More than 80 youngsters took part in the contest

Elisabeth Tasker, managing director at Stagecoach Manchester, said: “Launching the Kids Wrapped Bus competition with Exterion has been a great way to engage with the local community and reveal what they love about living in Manchester.”

The initiative was developed after Manchester was voted the coolest regional city in the UK, outside of London, according to new research from Exterion Media’s consumer panel, Work Shop Play.

It also found that residents from across the UK believe that Manchester has the best nightlife and transport links outside of the capital.

VICTORY: Audrey, 8, is a proud winner

Mancunians also consider transport links to be the best thing about their city, followed by the shops, friendly people, parks and restaurants.

Ms Tasker said: “The research by Work Shop Play showed that Mancunians think the city’s excellent transport links are the best thing about the city so it’s great to bring this to life with the launch of the bus.”

The research is part of a year-long nationwide initiative from Exterion Media designed to celebrate and promote key cities outside of London.

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