How to budget in an expensive city: Manchester ranks in top 10 of most costly UK cities for overnight break

By Ella Murphy

Manchester has been ranked within the top 10 most expensive UK cities for an overnight break during August, a study has revealed.

The statistics produced by a TripAdvisor survey are based on a break that would include: a hotel stay, pre-dinner Martinis, an evening meal out and taxi rides.

The least expensive two-person break was in Nottingham for £164.73 compared with £298.46 in Edinburgh – the most expensive of the 20 cities.

TripAdvisor spokesman James Kay said: “Where you go will have a big impact on how much you’re likely to spend.”

A rise in prices within a number of cities during the last 12 months was exposed by the poll.

The total of Birmingham’s stay package, last year’s best-value city, was £139.54 – more than £25 cheaper than this year’s lowest-priced city, Nottingham. A retreat to Birmingham was estimated at £183.82 this year, the sixth cheapest among the 20 cities surveyed.

Mr Kay advised: “Generally, the further north you go the less you’ll need to fork out for hotels and dinner, but there are some notable exceptions to that rule, so make sure you plan ahead.”

So why is Manchester one of the exceptions? And how can you do more during your stay for less?

As the UK’s second largest urban area and one of the most illustrious cities, Manchester is a highly sought after area for both residents and businesses alike.

Desire for city life is becoming increasingly popular in order to fulfil simple needs such as job opportunities and the ability to commute. The city thrives from a spectrum of industries and with Manchester accommodating MediaCityUK it’s not hard to see why the area is enticing.

Living space becoming tighter means that the only way is up with land being precious and more scarce prices are rising.

However for those on a budget there’s still plenty to do, so don’t be deterred by recent findings. A thriving city renowned for its music scene and bursting with culture, Manchester does not disappoint.

Explore Manchester

Very rarely do people stop and appreciate their surroundings but you could be missing out! The flexibility of exploration allows you to cater for your own interests so there is no excuse for failing to find something you enjoy. Architecture enthusiasts can visit Castlefield whilst families may enjoy a picnic in Piccadilly gardens; there’s something for everyone.

Go to the Urban Heritage Park

Castlefield is home to the world’s oldest railway and the first ever canal. Moreover, you can gain some historical insight by wandering around the reconstruction of a Roman fort.

Visit a Museum

Choose from the abundance of free museums scattered around Manchester to explore whatever catches your eye. Whether it is the Museum of Science and Industry or the National Football Museum, there’s exciting exhibitions to discover.

Free Music

You don’t have to splash out to enjoy Manchester’s unparalleled music scene. There are plenty of ways to enjoy music for free such as Festwich, the UKs largest free, tribute Festival. The free rock and indie musical festival is held annually in St Marys Park, Prestwich, Manchester.

Fuel café can’t be missed for music lovers. The café has been hosting intimate gigs in its upstairs hideout for years and allows the promoter Red Deer Club to use the venue when flaunting Manchester’s folk scene during night events. Regular out-of-towners and special guests are also featured during their events which are all funded by donations.

Picture courtesy of One-eyed vision via Flickr, with thanks.

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