It’s a small world! Christmas Markets crêpe seller bumps into Manchester customer… back home in France

By Tim Hyde

Every year Mancunians look forward to the Christmas markets arriving back in town – but one regular customer got an early treat from Santa… in the summer!

King crêpe maker Bois Vincent has sold his famous home-made wares for four years at Manchester’s Christmas Markets.

But this summer when he was back home in Brittany, France, he got an unexpected surprise – bumping into one of his regular customers from all the way across the channel.

Mr Vincent told MM: “I love the Manchester Markets that is why I come back every year. But last summer, I had just finished a long day and I walked into my local pub in Brittany.

“I saw a man that I sort of recognised and he looked at me like he knew me. Then he came over and I realised he is one of my regular customers at the Christmas Markets.

“We both just couldn’t believe it, it was such a coincidence and so unexpected. I hope to see him again this year!”

Manchester’s Christmas Markets are renowned across Europe and Mr Vincent has brought his famous crepes and macaroons to the North West hoping he can continue on the last four years’ success.

Located just off the main winter-wonderland of St Ann’s Square, Mr Vincent’s two food stalls are favourites of regular Christmas Market shoppers.

ELVES AT WORK: The Christmas Markets are currently being erected in Manchester

Mr Vincent said: “My favourite part of the markets is King Street where I work, the main square is extremely beautiful, but it is just too busy for me. Here it is perfect.

“I sell macaroons and crepes because they were created in the town that I am from and I use an original recipe.”

The markets have continued to expand across the city allowing for more stalls that sell a wide variety of products.

Over the years market stalls have become famous for selling authentic foreign foods like crêpes, macaroons, Bratwurst and Gluhwein.

ALMOST DONE: One of the stalls starts having the finishing touches added

However, more than 75% of sellers are actually from the UK with 50% coming from around Manchester.

This year marks the markets’ 15th birthday in which it has gone from strength to strength becoming one of the major parts of celebrating Christmas in Manchester. 

Top picture courtesy of Patrick Lauke, with thanks.

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