Interview: ‘We want more power to the people’ says Salford and Eccles Brexit Party candidate Matt Mickler

On a day that looks like being one for the Brexiteers in the UK, MM caught up with Salford and Eccles Brexit Party candidate Matt Mickler.

How has polling day been?

Good, exciting, invigorating, very surprising with the exit polls obviously. I don’t come from a political background. The only politics I’ve done is being a keyboard warrior on Facebook.

I think the whole political system needs to change, the judicial system but in answer to your question, it’s been a wonderful experience.

Why is it so important to get Brexit done?

Because people asked for it, because every vote we get, every result that happens and we have the power, the authority and permission to change things politically then they should be honoured and it isn’t being honoured at the moment.

We’ve been given a democratic decision. The referendum needs to be honoured like every other election needs to be honoured.

With exit polls predicting a Conservative majority what do you think will happen with Brexit if Conservatives win this election?

I think the Brexit Party is going to go through a bit of a change. Nigel Farage has registered a new name for the party, potentially which is going to be the Reform Party.

If Brexit is done and that is a big if because I still don’t think it will be, we will be focusing on reforming the whole of the political system, the judiciary system, looking at more devolution to regions as well. Focusing on actually having budgets that we can control rather than Westminster.

We just want more power to the people.

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