Oldham Council pledge to improve safety at crossing where 12-year-old Annalise Holt lost her life

By Tim Hyde

Following the death of 12-year-old Annalise Holt in Shaw last month, Oldham council are pledging to upgrade safety at the crossing where she was tragically hit by a van.

Annalise was struck by the van on Milnrow Road, Shaw at about 4.30pm on December 17.

This has prompted action from Oldham Council to commit to improving safety at the junction after a petition was launched following the death of Annalise.

Councillor Dave Hibbert, Cabinet Member for Environment and Housing, said: “It’s only right and proper that we undertake a thorough review of the crossing in Shaw following the tragic death of Annalise Holt.

“I want to make it clear that we are minded to making significant upgrades to both this crossing and the junction.”

Crossing sites located on busy roads with a similar level of footfall to Milnrow Road will also be improved.

Officers analyse data to identify specific areas where road safety needs to be improved.

A wide range of measures are then used to ensure public safety such as speed limits, road safety education, training and publicity, physical safety measures and school safety cars.

Councillor Rod Blyth, Vice-Chair of the Shaw and Crompton District Executive, said: “My colleagues and I welcome any news that will see this crossing improved and enhanced.

“We will continue working with Oldham Council and local residents to get the much needed upgrades for this crossing implemented as quickly as possible.”

Since the accident Oldham residents have petitioned for the council to improve all types of road safety throughout the borough.

Oldham Council claims that they are reviewing all road crossings in the area to improve public safety.

0“We do not have the final outcome yet from the police investigation, added Councillor Hibbert.

“This takes time and the findings may not emerge for several weeks as it is still not clear exactly what caused the accident at this stage.

“However, we are also fully aware of the strength of public feeling. It is important that we listen to the concerns that the Shaw community have been voicing about this site.

“We are also currently reviewing all road crossings in the borough that have similar characteristics to this one. Officers are looking at all available information from each site and will make recommendations for improvements where required.”

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