Playboy 60th anniversary: Manchester gets hot under collar for naked Kate Moss special issue

By Edward Roberts

Iconic men’s magazine Playboy is set to fly off the shelves as Manchester men and women clamour for the limited copies featuring Kate Moss on sale this week.

The notorious supermodel will grace the January/February issue in a naked pictorial to coincide with her 40th birthday and the magazine’s 60th anniversary.

To accommodate the demand a limited number of shops who regularly offer the publication are bracing themselves for a flurry of customers keen to get their hands on a copy.

Abdul Patel, who works at Aleef News near Piccadilly Station, admitted that while the magazine is usually popular on a monthly basis the shop is expecting an extra spell of interest when the issue hits the shelves.

The shopkeeper said: “We usually get about 10 or 20 copies in but because it’s the anniversary special we’re expecting more people to be buying it – it’ll definitely sell a lot more than usual.”

Since it was announced that the former face of Burberry would bare all in the issue a large number of fashionistas are eager for its release.

One Salford student, Tonia Thomas, explained that many are likening the event to a happening in the world of fashion rather than pornography.

The 23-year-old said: “I’m just so excited to buy it and see it as no different from buying Vogue.

“I’ve no doubt it’ll be more tasteful and glamorous since they’re using a supermodel rather than just another glamour girl.

“If anything it will represent a couture fashion statement which will be remembered for years.”

Playboy is not sold in many high street retailers such as Co-op or WH Smith despite other lads mags such as Nuts and Zoo finding a weekly spot.

Only a select number of independent retailers stock the men’s title and their customers will be the first to catch a glimpse of the 40-year-old starlet donning underwear and bunny girl ears.

Wayne Lenard is a regular reader of the magazine and explained that the collector’s issue is always something he looks forward to.

The 32-year-old said: “It’s quite difficult to find so you have to know the places that sell it.

“Obviously it’s not just about porn – I like to call it a gentleman’s magazine because it’s got articles and interviews.

“One of my favourites I have in my collection has an interview with the band Kiss.”

The Salford resident says although it’s billed as a man’s magazine he admits that his girlfriend has been known to have a sneaky peek of some of the prized copies in his collection.

He revealed: “Kate Moss has always been a crush of mine and my girlfriend is quite into fashion so it will make a good read for both of us.”

Former UK cover girls have included the likes of Kelly Brook and Katie Price with supermodel Cindy Crawford setting the bar for Moss when she posed in 1988 and 1998.

Most recently Manchester socialite Helen Flanagan has been linked to a future pictorial. 

Image courtesy of Mango via YoutUbe, with thanks

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