Animal instincts: Almost 80% of North West people would rescue PETS over men or teens, finds cancer charity

Nearly four out of five people from the North West are more likely to help their pet when in danger than men or teenagers, a hard-hitting survey has shown.

Only 55% would be willing to help a man on his own and just 69% would aid a teenager they didn’t know if they saw them in a risky situation, while 77% would run to the rescue of their cat or dog instead, claims the Anthony Nolan cancer charity.

The revelations come as the charity launches its Kindness of Strangers campaign to encourage bone marrow donations from key sections of the population.

Anthony Nolan Chief Executive Henny Braund said:  “These findings have raised thought provoking questions around how far we would each go to save a stranger’s life.”

When pressed on what would prevent them from stepping in to help a stranger, 48% said they would be concerned about risking their own safety, while 39% said they would not know how to help.

However, only 5% said that they wouldn’t help a stranger because they were ‘too busy’ and 7% said it would be because they ‘didn’t know the person’.

“What is interesting is that most people, whatever their age, aren’t inherently selfish – they simply don’t know how to help or they are understandably worried about their own safety,” Braund said.

“What many people may not realise is that when it comes to saving a stranger with blood cancer, there is a very simple way to do something truly life-changing for another family.”

In addition, the poll of 2,353 adults also revealed that the ‘selfie culture’ may be making people more selfish when it comes to helping strangers.

Some 15% of British 18-to-24-year-olds have pretended to be on the phone or texting to avoid helping a stranger in need.

A further 9% of those surveyed have seen a person in danger and posted about it on social media, rather than helping – although positively, 47% intervened and offered to help.

Despite the survey showing 67% of people in the North West would be willing to donate stem cells to a stranger with blood cancer, less than 1% are on the Anthony Nolan register.

The charity’s campaign is focused on boosting the amount of ‘heroes’ in each constituency, compiling a leaderboard to show which constituency has the most donors.

MP for Bolton West Julie Hilling is supporting the campaign and she said: “Bolton West is currently ranked 471st on the leaderboard. I am sure residents here in Bolton West want to see us up at the top.”

In an emotional plea, the MP urged potential donors to ‘please join me in becoming a hero donor’.

To join the register, you must be aged between 16 and 30, weigh more than 7st 12lbs (50kgs) and be in general good health.

For more information or to sign up online, visit the Anthony Nolan website.

Image courtesy of Cristian Bernal with thanks

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