VIDEO: Islington Mill threatened with closure following resident’s noise complaint

A Salford venue has been threatened with closure after one resident complained about the building being too noisy.

Islington Mill, located between Salford and Manchester city centre on James Street, is a popular art gallery and live music venue that was founded in 2000 to give Manchester’s up-and-coming artistic talent a platform to showcase their work.

But now the Mill is at risk of their license being revoked by Salford City Council after a resident living close to the venue complained about the noise from their regular club nights being disruptive in the early hours of the morning.

Speaking to MM, a member of Islington Mill’s management team, Verity Gardner, said: “To a point I can totally see their anguish.

“Unfortunately if people want to cause noise as they leave the venue there’s not a lot we can do about that.

“We are listening and we do want to work with residents to make the situation better.”

In the letter penned to the council, the complainant wrote: “Residents have had several meetings over the years with Islington Mill management but they go away and on the next music night forget all they promised to do.”

The Mill has now appealed to the community on Twitter to send letters to the council to persuade them to not revoke the license.

The council will make their decision concerning Islington Mill’s license in February. 

Image courtesy of Islington Mill via Twitter, with thanks.

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