Microchip your dog for FREE in Manchester… or prepare to be hounded by the law

Dogs Trust Manchester are offering to code your canine for free amid plans to enforce compulsory microchipping on all UK dogs in 2016.

From April next year, pet owners will be breaking the law if their dog is not microchipped. The plans are being implemented to curb the rise in dog strays, in a procedure that can cost up to £40.

Dogs Trust will be providing free chipping on Sunday March 22 at their centre in Denton between 11am and 3pm.

It is already illegal if a dog is not collared and tagged, but Dogs Trust believe microchipping is a more effective form of identification.

Dawn Bishop, Dogs Trust Manchester re-homing centre manager, told MM: “Sadly dogs go missing every day and we believe microchipping, as long as the owner keeps their contact details up to date, is the most effective way to help reunite a dog with their owner.”

Microchipping involves a tiny microchip about the size of a grain of rice being inserted under the loose skin on the back of a dog’s neck.

Each microchip has a unique code which is registered to an owner’s contact details, meaning it can be instantly traced back to the owner.

This means that if a microchipped dog is found by a dog warden or turns up at a shelter, the chip can be scanned and matched to the owner.

A study conducted by Sainsburys in 2013 reported that 2.54million people had lost a dog or cat between 2008 and 2013, but more than a third (38%) were not reunited with them.

MUTT MUST: From April next year, pet owners will be breaking the law if their dog is not microchipped

Each year, more than 100,000 dogs are dumped or lost at a cost of £57million to the taxpayer and welfare charities.

Owen Paterson, former Environment Secretary, said in 2013: “It’s a shame that in a nation of dog lovers, thousands of dogs are roaming the streets or stuck in kennels because the owner cannot be tracked down.

“I am determined to put an end to this and ease the pressure on charities and councils to find new homes for these dogs.

“Microchipping is a simple solution that gives peace of mind to owners. It makes it easier to get their pet back if it strays and easier to trace if it’s stolen.

“The generous support of Dogs Trust will mean that this valuable service can be offered for free to pet owners across the country.”

Ms Bishop said: “If a dog goes missing and is found by the dog warden, many owners don’t realise they have only seven days to locate them before their pet is re-homed or potentially put to sleep.”

Under the new law, which comes into place on April 6, owners – including breeders – must microchip a dog by the time it is eight weeks old.

At this point, they will be given a notice to microchip the dog within 21 days or be subject to a fine of up to £500.

If the owner moves, they must update the details of their microchip or find themselves subject to another £500 fine.

If dog owners are unable to attend this particular event, more information about free chipping events can be found at

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