Ex-GMP officer, 63, jailed for child rape offences in ‘devastating’ eight-year reign of terror

A former GMP officer has been found guilty of historic rape and sex offences, after ‘physically and mentally’ controlling his young victim for eight years.

John Travis, a retired former Greater Manchester Police officer, was sentenced for 17 years at Minshull Street Crown Court today.

Found guilty of rape, indecent assault, and indecency with a child, Travis regularly abused his female victim in the 1980s, while she was aged between 11 and 19.

Detective Constable Lucy Shaw said: “Right from the beginning, Travis physically and mentally controlled the victim and took advantage of her age.” 

Starting to abuse his victim in the early 1980s, Travis, now 63, first raped her when she was just 14.

Detective Constable Shaw added: “When she told her family about the abuse, Travis was confronted but he denied this, claiming the victim had made it up and she was a trouble maker.” 

Travis, of Turf Lane, Royton, who retired from Greater Manchester Police in 1997, tragically continued abusing his victim until she was 19, in 1989.

Travis’ victim finally contacted the police in 2012 to report the crimes, with an investigation being launched in December of the same year.

Shaw continued: “Thankfully, as she got older, she realised she would not let him get away with what he had done and reported the crimes to police.”

“Her bravery has ensured we have been able to investigate this fully and finally brought Travis to justice for the appalling acts he committed on a young girl.

“He has had a devastating effect on her life, causing irreparable damage. I hope that this outcome will provide her with some closure so that, with the right support, she is able to move on.”

Image courtesy of GMP, with thanks

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