Let’s get it on! Shy turtle couple finally get frisky at Sea Life Manchester thanks to Taylor Swift love song

By Helen Le Caplain

Turning the lights down low, playing romantic music, indulging in plenty of foreplay and finally getting some action in the bedroom sounds like a great night in for any amorous couple.

But it seems it’s not just humans who respond well to some well-planned wooing.

Meet Barry and Carrie, two rare Fly River Turtles who are to be the stud couple in the first breeding programme of its kind in Europe at Sea Life Manchester.

The animal care team have been playing romantic music, including Taylor Swift’s Love Story, to them in a big to stir passions between the reluctant pair… and it seems to be working.

Resident male Barry was a lonely soul but he seemed to get hot under the collar when he was joined by Carrie for the first time this summer, however it seemed he was a bit rusty when it came down to it, and the initial ardour seem to cool quickly.

But it seems the pair have responded well to the ballads as they have finally started to show signs of getting it on.

The novel approach to try and stir up some turtle loving was the idea of displays curator Lucy Handel. 

She explained: “We have been waiting for the two turtles to show an interest in each other for a while, and although they initially seemed quite active with each other, thus far they have been quite clumsy about the whole affair.

“We are hoping that the music and lighting will help them focus on each other and get the job done. The team is really looking forward to welcoming some newcomers to the Sea Life Manchester family in the near future.”

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