Karen Danczuk’s signed selfie eBay stunt racks up more than £1,000 in ONE WEEK

Rochdale councillor Karen Danczuk, dubbed ‘the sexiest woman in politics’, has made more than £1,000 selling signed selfies of herself on eBay.

The Labour councillor has now flogged 115 photocards worth £10 each in only a week, which have been signed and sprayed with her favourite perfume.

The postcards are proving so popular that eBay has labelled them with a ‘hot’ symbol, stating that they racked up 202 views per hour.

Ms Danczuk has received 97.1% positive feedback on the popular shopping website to date, with only one disappointed customer who commented it was ‘printed on low quality paper’.

Another buyer said: “Thanks love the pic. I think you’ve the nuts don’t let the newspapers get you.”

Karen, wife to Rochdale’s Labour MP Simon Danczuk, has gained thousands of Twitter followers over the last few months after posting a string of provocative selfies highlighting her ample cleavage.

She defended the racy posts after being criticised for trying to gain popularity.

“You’ve got to work with what you’ve got!” she said.

“They are just selfies, it’s no different me posting them than anyone else. I’m a normal person. It’s just me, just Karen, I don’t put myself on a pedestal.”

Karen even had a fan page created on Twitter dubbing her ‘the sexiest woman in politics’, but it was deleted by the owner after they decided it might adversely affect her political integrity. 

The councillor’s social media posts have attracted national media coverage and she was verbally attacked on ITV chat show Loose Women last month by Janet Street-Porter – who claimed she should be setting a better example to young women. 

Speaking about his wife last week, Labour MP Simon Danczuk told MM: “If she wants to take selfies and behave the way that a lot of 31-year-olds behave, why shouldn’t she? Just because she’s a councillor?

“You need a real mix of people in politics, and if we’re all sort of monotone, suited older men, I think that sets politics back as opposed to advancing politics.

“The media will report what they want to report, it’s up to them. She is her own person, what Karen does is up to her.”

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