‘Melting pot of style and culture’: ‘Hipster’ Manchester a quirky property hotspot

Manchester is a melting pot of culture and style and is becoming one of Europe’s fastest growing, and most recognisable, creative hubs.

It’s often heralded as the ‘Capital of The North’ because of its strong economy and vibrant community.

These creative overtones are beginning to affect the city of Manchester in interesting ways, with many properties morphing into quirky places for visitors to rent.

One of the most prevalent cultural movements in Manchester at the moment is the so-called ‘Hipster Invasion’.

Given that it’s the birthplace of icons like The Smiths, Joy Division and Simply Red it’s easy to see why the city is attracting hipster youth, evident in the urban street art underground music venues that have popped up in recent years.

The redbrick homes of Manchester are evolving, and here are just some examples of the kinds of properties that are changing the city’s reputation.

You don’t see this every day; an eclectic townhouse that was once a school for Victorian children.

It’s been converted to a luxurious standard and it’s based just a stone’s throw from some of Manchester’s best theatres, restaurants and shops.

If you’re looking for a short-term stay in Manchester you can book entire suites and even book parts of the townhouse for special events like birthdays, meetings and weddings.

These wonderfully quirky cottages are recently renovated, and used to stand together as an old barn.

They do a great job of preserving the heritage of the area whilst also incorporating modern conveniences such as under floor heating and high speed internet.

It’s a stunning place to stay, and with The Pennines on your doorstep it’s difficult to see a downside to staying in this wonderful conversion.

It’s time to introduce a couple of boats named Gloria and Queenie, two ideal rentals for those who want to explore some of the quirky canals of Manchester.

For those a little less confident, the rental comes complete with a boat handling lesson and 24 hour on call support, so there’s no reason not to give this a try.

In these wonderfully furnished boats, you can make it from Manchester right through to Liverpool and back again, so there’s plenty to explore.

So there you have it – some of Manchester’s most quirky places to stay.

With everything there is to do in the city, it’s sure to be a memorable trip with the right property. 

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