Mancunians want kids, marriage and own home BEFORE age 27, survey finds

Mancunians aim to tick off life’s major milestones well ahead of their 30th birthday, according to a surprising new survey.

The research – conducted by Compare the Market – found that it is age 27 that people want to achieve their dreams by in Manchester.

In particular, the average person wants to settle down, get married, have a child and buy a property with a good few years left in their twenties.

While many are actually successful in meeting this timeframe, it seems most are falling short with their other expectations.

The poll – which featured the opinions of 2000 adults – found that a large percentage of people overestimate the financial position they’ll be in as they get older.

Shakila Hashmi, Head of Money for Compare the Market, said: “If our findings are anything to go by, Mancunians clearly want to have it all before they’re even close to reaching 30 years of age, and it appears that they almost all achieve these goals within a year of their expectations.

“What’s worrying, however, is that the majority of consumers are still off the mark when it comes to considering costs like running a car – especially in light of recent comments made by the Bank of England that consumers are becoming ‘dangerously complacent’ when it comes to mounting debt.”

The survey isn’t the first shocking piece of research that’s been released about Manchester.

Just last month it was revealed that the majority of Mancunian women don’t fancy men with beards. 

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