Sick Eccles pair forced to pay £100,000 to deaf girl kept as slave in nine-year ordeal

A deaf and mute girl  who was trafficked into the country aged ten and was repeatedly raped and forced to do domestic chores by her Eccles-based captors  has been awarded more than £100,000 in compensation.

During her nine-year ordeal, the girl slept on a concrete floor in the cellar and was forced to carry out menial tasks for Ilyas Ashar, 84, of Cromwell Street, Eccles, and his wife Tallat, 69, while being cruelly subjected to harrowing physical and sexual abuse.

In a landmark case, the victim is set to receive £101,300.72, which will be the first time a payment for a loss of earning has been secured by police using Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) legislation.

Salford divisional commander Chief Superintendent Mary Doyle, said after yesterday’s verdict: “Today’s result is a landmark case for both GMP and for victims of trafficking everywhere. 

“The crimes of the Ashars are well-documented and quite rightly people continue to share a sense of disbelief at the prolonged cruelty they inflicted on their young victim. 

“However, inspired by her strength and courage in the face of overwhelming obstacles, officers have worked tirelessly to ensure justice is done in the full sense of the word.”

Ashar and his wife, who run market stalls and sell cars, were initially arrested in 2009 after police visited their £300,000 house in Eccles.

On June 8 2009, officers were assisting Salford Trading Standards with an investigation into money laundering.

The victim’s details had been used on bank accounts linked to the couple so officers asked to speak to her when they went into the house.

They found the girl, who is believed to have been brought into this country from a Pakistani village in Pakistan, sleeping in a cot in the cellar where she was immediately rescued.

During her time at the Ashar’s she was never afforded any form of education or professional support for her disability, as she has significant communication difficulties. 

Once she was rescued it became clear to officers that she had limited ability to communicate, and could only do so through facial expressions, informal gestures, pictures and body language.

Thousands of pounds in benefits were claimed in the victim’s name, and a number of bank accounts were set up using her details but it was clear to officers she had no involvement in the fraudulent transactions.

In October last year, Ilyas Ashar was found guilty of 13 counts of rape, human trafficking and benefit fraud and was jailed for 13 years which was increased to 15 years on appeal.

Tallat was found guilty of two counts of trafficking people for exploitation and seven offences under the Social Security Act and she was jailed for five years which was increased to six years on appeal.

A civil hearing have now ordered the couple to pay the young victim £101,300.72 for her years of ‘unpaid domestic servitude’

The Ashar’s were also ordered to pay £42,000 that they falsely claimed in state handouts plus £300,000 in court costs.

They have six months to pay, or Ilyas will spend another two years and Tallat another two years four months in jail if they do not.

Chief Superintendent Doyle added: “Our financial investigators delved deeply into the Ashar’s financial affairs and used existing legislation to great effect, ensuring they can now pay their debt. 

“The money will in no way make up for what she went through over a number of years, but it will help her move on with her life and continue her inspiring recovery from these awful events.

“I believe today’s outcome also gives hope to any victim of trafficking. It reminds us that there are people out there willing to bring people to this country purely to be exploited but, with the correct use of the law, the perpetrators can be brought fully to justice.”

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