Left to die: CCTV of Porsche speeding through Chorlton before killing man moments after his ‘act of kindness’

Bloodcurdling CCTV footage shows a speeding Porsche moments before it smashed into a helpless pedestrian, killed only seconds after having performed an act of chivalry.

Maintenance worker Craig Rodger, 25, was left for dead after being struck by the Porsche Panamera travelling at ‘motorway speeds’ last Monday.

Only moments earlier he had kindly allowed another pedestrian to cross the road before him in an act of chivalry, before entering the road himself and been struck by the vehicle.

He had been crossing Wilbraham Road near to the Spread Eagle pub in Chorlton at around 10.20pm.

Footage shows the top end sports car, with the registration number MX10 0BK, speeding through residential areas before hitting Mr Rodger and leaving him for dead.

The car was found an hour later on Brookburn Road, Chorlton, after it had been abandoned and set on fire.

Mr Rodger was launched into the air due to the speed of the car, suffering multiple injuries and, although immediately attended to by bystanders, died hours later in hospital.

Detective Chief Inspector Colin Larkin has appealed for anybody with information about the driver of the car to come forward and also for the driver to hand himself in.

“I am appealing to the public to tell me who was driving the motor vehicle at the time of the collision,” he said.

“I doubt very much that the driver of the car went out that night with the intention of seriously hurting or killing somebody but unfortunately that is what has happened and I urge that person forward to hand themselves in.

“Craig had stopped to let a pedestrian cross the road but after that crossed himself and was hit.

“We don’t know whether it was a man or women driving the car but we ask whoever it was to hand themselves in.”

When asked to describe the CCTV footage, Chief Inspector Larkin claimed that although there was no accurate reading of how fast the car was going, it was doing ‘motorway speeds’.

“From the footage I have seen that vehicle is driving too fast for the road conditions,” he said.

“That person was driving dangerously.

“We don’t know whether it was a man or women driving the car but we ask whoever it is to hand themselves in.

“At this stage I’m not sure how many people were in the car at the time of the collision but I would urge any passengers that might have been in the vehicle at the time to come forward.

“They were not driving, they have done nothing wrong.

 “If you were in that car you have gone through a horrific incident.

“What you witnessed is awful for you, but not as awful as it is for Craig’s family.

“I urge you to please pick up the phone and call the police and anybody who has seen the vehicle before or after the collision to do the same.”

Police have arrested two men, aged 32 and 25, on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and one man aged 25 on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

They have been police bailed till April 28 pending further enquiries.

Anyone who knows the identity of the driver, witnessed the collision or has any information, should contact the police immediately on 0161 856 4741 or the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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