Could the food you’re feeding your pet be killing them? A Manchester vet thinks so…

A Manchester vet has warned that Britain’s pets are in ‘danger’ unless owners change their attitudes towards their diets.

His remarks come after online shop, Fetch, has launched a campaign to raise awareness on pet food.

The operation aims to encourage owners to think more about the importance of health and nutrition in their beloved pet’s diets.

To highlight the importance of the pets having the correct diets, the company has conducted a survey which discovered some sad truths on how some Brits feed their four-legged friends.

The shocking stats revealed that one in three people (35%) admitted to feeding their pets scraps directly from the dinner table, putting their health at risk while two in five (40%) are fessed up to being clueless about the variety of diets available for their pets.

Vet Abdul Basher explained the importance of choosing the correct type of food for our pets.

He said: “These stats are in fact very scary for pets and shows how big of a danger they are in.

“Feeding your pet the left overs or scraps is an awful thing to do.

“Human food isn’t nutritionally balanced for animals and often contains more salt and fat than your pet would need.

“Pet owners should avoid giving their pets any form of human food as meal or treats.”

The survey also unearthed that nearly a fifth (18%) serve their furry friends their own roast dinner, while over four million Brits, over a tenth, would listen to friends and family before seeking professional help for their pets.

Abdul explained that pets, just like humans, also have different diets.

“Diet should be tailored to your pet individually; you can buy food formulated specifically for various situations.

“For instance, an indoor cat would have a diet with less fat compared to an outdoors cat as they burn less energy from being inside all day.

“People shouldn’t just feed their dogs or cats just any dog or cat food; they should consult a vet to find the best type of food for their animal friend,” he added.

Fetch’s new campaign, which uses the hashtag #FetchPetDinners, is supported by animal lover and TV presenter Kaye Adams.

The Scottish broadcaster said: “When I think of what we fed my childhood dog, I wince.

“With the information we now have available, I’ve got a completely different outlook.

“I am very careful with my dog Bea’s diet; I give her food specifically for her breed. I should take a leaf out of her book and go easy on the treats!

“We need to be smarter about what we’re buying our pets and that is why I’m proud to be part of the ‘Fetch Pet Dinners’ campaign.”

To find out more about the healthy eating campaign for your pets follow the hashtag #FetchPetDinners

Image courtesy of Carters, with thanks.

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