World’s cheapest sat nav: Manchester inventors claim ‘coin flip’ device takes you where you REALLY want to go

The world’s cheapest sat nav is finding its way to Manchester – with the help of a coin flip.

While you may find a couple of those claims wide of the mark, the two-man team at Double Thumbs Up! use a laser printer to create the device – which is actually a coin with left and right scrawled on it.

“Sat navs are not the most creative of devices and they can let you down,” said Barry Yearsley, one half of the duo.

“This will take you to where you want to go, even though it might not be where you planned.

“You don’t know where it may lead you. Everyone can flip a coin.”

Coming in a range of sizes – including the EnormoNav, which is ‘bigger than your head’ and ideal for oil tanker drivers – the Naverick is powered by pure kinetic energy and claims to allow lost souls to ‘flip it and remove themselves from all navigational responsibility’.

Barry works along with Kirsty Haikney to produce the device as well as a series of custom design products, including lighting and Christmas decorations.

There work has even found its way onto Twitter with the Naverick 2000 literally taking a left turn.

And Barry explained that the Naverick 2000 could just be the start for the company that was formed last year.

“We wanted to get into a Kickstarter and we came across this quirky idea,” said Barry, 38.

“It’s for people who struggle with decision-making and we’re thinking about producing a line of them like ‘love and hate’ or ‘eat in or takeaway’, but there are no clear plans just yet.

 “We certainly plan to do more Kickstarters. We have set a reasonable target for this one and we are optimistic we’ll get it.”

Barry met art curator Kirsty Haikney, 33, working at the Bolton Musem, where they still produce exhibits with Double Thumbs Up! still a side project.

And as they make their first venture in the crowdfunding world, Barry claims that people finding their strange slant on sat navs are hitting the spot.   

“It’s difficult because you never quite know what people will find funny,” he said.

“The reaction has been quite positive. Everyone has liked it and we could maybe do with a few more donations from the people who do like it.”

Even the duo’s company name has had a strange journey – find its way to existence by chance.

“We wanted something fun and nice and we both went through our phones and found pictures with both thumbs up. There’s no real connection other than that,” he said.

“We’re at plenty of craft fairs and we’re looking to really boost our profile before the end of the year. Maybe so we can do this as a full-time occupation.

“We are looking to keep up with no technology, such as 3D printers, and are lying in wait for the next thing coming along.”

Mancunians will be able to find Double Thumbs Up! at Levenshulme Market on September 6, the Altrincham equivalent on September 28 and the Cheshire food festival the week before.

You can donate to the Kickstarter here.

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