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Manchester’s ‘melting pot of ideas’ celebrated at the Animation Festival

This week the annual Manchester Animation Festival is taking place with a range of events on offer.

Over the week several events have taken place at Home in Deansgate including film screenings, talks from industry professionals and workshops.

This year the festival has celebrated the work of Lupus Films – the animators of many iconic animations such as The Tiger Who Came for Tea and The Snow Man and the Snow Dog.

Celebrating the 20th year of Lupus Films, founders Camilla Deakin and Ruth Fielding are delighted to have won the Fellowship Award, which is given to people who have made a contribution that has impacted audiences worldwide. 

Lupus is now gearing up for its next venture, the iconic children’s book Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, which will be coming out in cinemas later next year.  

The festival will wrap up tomorrow, but if you wish to head down then grab your tickets here.

MM went down to the Animation Festival to see what it is about and speak to the award-winning Lupus films.

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