Blood of 120 children is ‘price Pakistan is paying for keeping world safe from terror’

A terrorist attack that killed more than 120 children in a Pakistan school has been described as ‘inhuman and barbaric’ by a North West Labour MEP.

Afzal Khan MEP has condemned the attack and asked the world do what they can to provide for the victims in Pakistan and help ‘combat terrorism’.

The attack on an army-run school in the City of Peshawar has left the world in shock after more than 140 people were killed and a further 122 seriously injured.

Mr Khan said: “Pakistan has been on the forefront of the fight against terrorism and they are paying a heavy price for this. The EU and the rest of the world needs to provide all the necessary support for Pakistan to combat terrorism in the region.

“The international community also needs to look at the root causes of terrorism and drive efforts towards tackling the disease rather than its symptoms.

“It is imperative that we assist Pakistan on a number of fronts. We need to help them with security by providing relevant information and intelligence that could prevent future attacks. We need to help them to develop a stronger social and economic base so that the root causes of terrorism can be effectively eliminated and we must provide assistance with education so that the terrorist narrative can be countered.”

The group of militants burst into the school as students were in classes and lectures, shooting chaotically at both pupils and teachers.

Many of those who attend the school are children of army personnel.

Afzal Khan added: “We owe this much to Pakistan as it is paying a huge price to ensure the rest of the world is safe from terrorism.

“We must also urge Afghanistan to work jointly with Pakistan to combat terrorist activity, as terrorist groups operating in Pakistan tend to originate from Afghanistan.

“This attack is indicative of the pressure terrorists groups are under.  Today’s attack was an act of desperation, and although we have witnessed the most heart-rendering losses today, it is crucial that we maintain this pressure if we are to defeat them in the long-run.”

European Parliament’s S&D Group held a one minute silence for remembrance of the victims of the attack last night. 

Mohebban Al Mahdi Youth Foundation, based in Manchester City Centre, said: “We strongly express our disgust and outrage at today’s tragic massacre of children in Peshawar, Pakistan.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by todays inhumane atrocities. May Allah grant them patience in these troubling times.”

David Cameron said: “The news from Pakistan is deeply shocking. It’s horrifying that children are being killed simply for going to school.”

Andrew Stephenson, Conservative MP for Pendle, tweeted: “Shocked by the attack at school in Pakistan. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.”

The attack lasted nine hours and Pakistani soldiers have killed nine Taliban terrorists inside the school. Seven army personnel, including two officers, were wounded in the battle.

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