‘Effective learning can’t take place’: Oldham’s Collective Spirit Free School deemed ‘not fit for purpose’ by Ofsted

An Oldham school has been slammed in its second inspection in a year after the latest report was released in December.

Collective Spirit Free School on Butterworth Lane has been rated as ‘inadequate’ by Ofsted and follows an inspection in May 2016 which had the same poor ranking.

“The school’s action plan is not fit for purpose,” read the report, despite ‘special measures’ being put in place last May.

“Leaders do not have an accurate and reliable knowledge of how well pupils are progressing.

“There is a lack of clarity, consistency and understanding around target-setting and how the progress of pupils is tracked and monitored.”

One of the major problems that has been identified at the secondary school is the scheduling of classes – which has been criticised for not giving pupils sufficient time in lessons.  

“Pupils and teachers were unanimous in their view that the structure of the school day does not allow for effective learning to take place,” the report added.

“They also think that the depth of learning is shallow because of having to rush to get things done, especially in practical subjects, and that the late finishing time does not allow for after-school classes or intervention to take place.”

Another area that the school has been criticised for is the standard of food that is served on site which they believe is having a detrimental effect on the students’ performance.

The report said: “The lunches provided are of such a poor quality that pupils often throw their lunch away or miss it.

“This means they go to their afternoon lessons hungry and this adds to a lack of concentration and misbehaviour occurs.”

The school has been warned that the areas that have been identified for improvement must be addressed in time for the next visit and been advised not to appoint newly qualified teachers in this time.

In response to the inspection, Collective Spirit Free School has declined to comment.

The review was conducted on November 15 & 16 and the report was published on December 12.

Image courtesy of Google Maps, with thanks.

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