Junkie burglar weeps as he’s found guilty of beating Bolton WWII veteran in own home and leaving him to die

A junkie Bolton burglar who beat a World War Two veteran and left him to die wept today as he was jailed for murder.

Daniel Crompton, 23, repeatedly punched 87-year old Frank Worsley in the face after he woke him up in the middle of the night to demand cash so he could spend it on drugs.

Today at Manchester Crown Court, jobless drifter Crompton sobbed and at first said ‘sorry’ from the public gallery as he was found guilty by a majority verdict of 10-2 after a two week trial. He was sentenced to life and must serve a minimum of 18 years.

As he was led down to the cells he swore at the jury and said: “I would advise you not to do jury service again. Fucking wankers. I hope you’re pleased with yourselves.”

During the attack, Crompton pulled off his t-shirt and wrapped it round his hand before beating Mr Worsley who had refused to give into the intruder’s demands.

The defenceless widower was left with a bleed to the right side of his brain as well as horrific facial bruising and cuts and died in hospital 17 days later after suffering a massive stroke.

Crompton, who escaped with Mr Worsley’s wallet and cheque book, was arrested 48 hours after the raid as he played computer games with a friend.

Inquiries revealed he had drank four cans of lager and snorted cocaine on the night of the attack, August 3 last year, and burgled Mr Worsley’s house at Longfield Road in Daubhill, near Bolton, in a bid to get money to buy drugs.

Crompton, who has 42 previous convictions, burst into tears when he was told his victim had died.

Today at Manchester Crown Court, jobless drifter Crompton sobbed and said: ‘sorry’ from the public gallery as he was found guilty by a majority verdict of 10-2 after a two week trial. He will be sentenced later today.

The jury was told Mr Worsley was described as a ‘true gentleman’ and had been devout churchgoer, amateur operatics enthusiast and former Sunday school teacher.

He fought in the Second World War serving on ships in the Royal Navy Medical Corps.

After the war, he managed a Co-op grocers store and gents outfitters before taking up a job as a planning clerk and was often invited to speak at Women’s Institute meetings.

He took early retirement to care for his late wife Mary who suffered from multiple sclerosis.

The couple, who had two children and two grandchildren, had been married for 62 years and she received a message from the Queen when they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. She died aged 87 in September 2012.

Career criminal Crompton had clocked up 42 previous convictions since the age of 14 including an attempted knifepoint mugging.

In another incident he threw a cup of hot sugared water over an inmate while in jail and also committed previous burglaries.

The tragedy occurred on August 3 last year after father of one Crompton had spent the night at a house party with his girlfriend.

During the evening he drank four cans of lager and snorted cocaine and was said to be ”wired and excited ” and decided to carry out a raid to buy more drugs.

He burst into a house whilst the occupants were out and grabbed a 50-inch TV and a 23-inch touch screen Dell computer which he sold for £80 to buy cocaine.

Crompton then went back to the party but went out again because he wanted more drink and drugs and broke into Mr Worsley’s home.

The court heard Crompton climbed up a drainpipe and clambered through an open window before he confronted Mr Worsley in his back bedroom.

Mr Worsley woke up to find Crompton towering over him demanding money which he kept in a dictionary book safe. The victim later told police: ”He shouted ‘where’s your money’ but I said I didn’t have any.

”As he was shouting he took his top off and wrapped it around his right hand and punched me in the face more than once and took my wallet and chequebook.

”After he had gone I realised my mouth was bleeding and I had a cut on my lip. The shock hit me. It really frightened me. I thought he was never going to stop hitting me.”

A 999 call made by Mr Worsley was played to the jury in which he said: ”Hello, help me please. I have been attacked by somebody who has broken in. He has banged me and attacked me. He has taken my wallet.”

Mr Worsley was taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital but his condition deteriorated on August 7 when he suffered a massive stroke.

He passed away on August 20 from a subdural haemorrhage triggered by the head injuries suffered in the burglary.

Crompton was linked to the crime after his palm print was found by investigators on a downstairs window. The stolen items were later recovered from the drainpipe of a neighbouring home.

Crompton, who had two previous convictions for burglary, later claimed he felt ”sick and felt horrible” after hearing of Mr Worsley’s death and claimed he had originally planned to burgle another house to steal a boiler.

He recalled when Mr Worsley sat up in bed, he panicked and during a ”tug of war” the old man hit his head against the bedroom wall.

He said: “I stuck out my left arm. He grabbed it with his right hand. There was a tug of war. I was panicking.

“He said ‘what are you doing here?’ I was just as shocked as he was.”

Story via Cavendish Press.

Image courtesy of Gene Hunt with thanks

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